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A little bit about us

Never been to a board games restaurant before?

No problem!

Here’s the deal: come upstairs, grab yourself a table that fits your group size, and make yourself at home. 

Once you’ve staked your claim there, make your way to the games room, which is stacked wall to wall (and a bunch in between) with hundreds of board games of every style, from classics to new age creations, card games and drawing games to acting and trivia games; family friendly games to spicier nsfw party games, cooperative races against the clock to epic throwdowns against your friends and frienemies and everything in between! Pick one that looks like fun, or ask one of our friendly staff for or personal favorites or suggestions of games that are quick to learn and hours of fun to play, take it back to your table, and enjoy! We’ll be by when we can to say hi, see if we can help you out with your selection, rules of your game, or get you any food or refreshments to enhance your gaming experience. We’ve also got digital games that are included for play, The Parlour, with sofas for a more relaxed gaming atmosphere, and The Dungeon, with one large table seating up to 12, geared towards large group games or epic hours-long RPG’s, and will also be available for D&D adventurers (call ahead if you desire this room). There is a $10 per head space usage fee, but then all of our equipment is yours to enjoy, with no time limit until we close for the night!